Getting the Board Together

I finally had some time this weekend to work on the amplifier board, and for your viewing pleasure, I recorded it with my iPod Touch.  It took a little less than 45 minutes to populate the board, but I sped up the video so you can see it completed in 4.  In building the circuit, however, I encountered a few errors that I will want to rectify in future versions of the board, should I decide to build another amplifier.  One or two of the components are a little too close for comfort.  At least two capacitors are in direct contact with each other, and two resistors have their solder pads close enough that an unskilled individual could easily bridge the gap.  Also, I haven’t been able to test the circuit just yet.  The idea of having a live 110V AC line exposed on my workbench makes me more than a little unsettled.  It appears I will not be able to test the circuit until I have a cabinet I can store it in.

Despite this, I’m quite proud of how the board came out.  I am one step closer to having a working stereo once again.

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