New Year’s Project List

1. Fix up the website. The colors look great on some computers and horrible on others. I may need some help in that regard.

2. Build a backup, solar-powered battery supply for my iPod Touch. I love my relatively new iPod. It replaces my too small iPod Nano and my Palm Tungsten T2, lets me check my email and favorite websites on the go, and I have just discovered the joy of watching “Top Gear” on it. Problem is, the battery lasts maybe a day or two before it needs to be recharged.

3. Send out resumes. It is time to be looking for a job.

4. Talk to someone who actually knows what it is like to be an engineer in the United States Air Force. I’m giving this particular career choice a serious amount of thought.

5. Finish the amplifier before the end of the school year. That includes revising the PCB, fabricating a cabinet, and figuring out why it keeps blowing fuses.

6. Do something neat with MATLab and an Arduino as part of an independent study.

7. Get rid of the leftover ArduinoBoy printed circuit boards.

8. With any luck, get myself published on the MAKE Magazine blog.

9. Get into a routine of posting at least once a month, or better yet twice a month.

10. Exercise more. Yes, a very common New Year’s resolution, but I could really use some exercise, especially if I go through with the Air Force job. Plus I wanted the list to be at least 10 items long.

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