Website Redesign

After a quick crash course in WordPress child themes, I have been successful in modifying a theme that had the layout I wanted into what I needed.  So far, I’m happy with it, but there are still plenty of changes I want to make (for instance, use a full size Gilberti Industries logo for the header title).

Those of you who are using Internet Explorer may have some problems viewing this page as a direct result.  This page uses a lot of transparent PNGs, and the last time I used IE I noticed that it turns transparencies white rather than displaying what is behind the graphic.  This may not hold true for IE 8, but it is still in your best interest to use something else for your web browsing needs.  I recommend Mozilla’s Firefox or Apple’s Safari.

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  • Keith

    I’ve viewed this website in IE 8 and it appears to be just as functional as it is in Firefox. Your site is off to a good start.

    • Stephen K.

      That a boy Keithy!

      • Cory F.

        In comparison to other amateur websites I have viewed, this is slightly above average. Good work, but I know you can do better.