Hello Internet!

So, you may be wondering what this is. This is me taking my hobby a little too seriously. As many of you know, I have been building ArduinoBoys for the video game music community and selling them out of a free Google website for a few months now.  However, like all free sites, the Google site has its limitations.  The layout is inflexible and outside resources, like the PayPal button I was using to make sales, can be finicky.  My biggest complaint, however, was that I had no custom domain name: I had to share a domain name with Google.  It just didn’t look all that professional.

This is where things become serious.

This is the site where I will be doing all of my major business from now on.  It will be where I will discuss my projects, new developments in the fields of science, engineering, and backyard tinkering that catch my eye, and hints and tricks I pick up during my own pursuits and studies.

Fully expect this site to change, potentially dramatically, over the next few months, as I add additional content, such as a For Sale page and a copy of my resumé.

If you have any comments, or have any hints, tips or tricks with using WordPress, please leave them below, or email them to my new address at anthony@gilberti-industries.com.

Thanks to WordPress.org for the code that makes this website tick, and DreamHost for the relatively painless web hosting.

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